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We create a place for regulators, industry, and consultants to share the latest information on environmental practices within Saskatchewan.


Incorporated in 1994 by a group of volunteers who worked in environmental management, Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association (SEIMA) became a provincial association of companies and individuals within the environmental industry whose members consist of companies and individuals from various economic sectors such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and government, as well as product and service providers to the industry. This diversity of membership is one of our greatest strengths as it creates connections between the environmental industry, industries that are concerned about their environmental impact, and government agencies that are responsible for regulations or development within the environmental sector.


We facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among our members and other industry contacts.

SEIMA is directed by a volunteer Board of industry practitioners and stakeholders who have a duty of upholding our by-laws with the assistance of our standing Committees.


SEIMA is a recognized and respected association of businesses and individuals involved in responsible environmental practice in Saskatchewan, providing high-value services to its growing list of members and actively supporting their professional and business growth aspirations.

We hold a high level of respect and integrity in our relationship with our members, which include its Directors and Officers, staff, stakeholders, including government representatives, other associations and organizations, and the general public. Protecting the standard of environmental industry practice within the province of Saskatchewan.

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