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Sustainable Energy


Promoting sustainability, environmental responsibility, and the latest practices and technology of the environmental industry.


SustainTech continues to be a well-attended conference that promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility and brings together industry, academia, consultants, and regulators to share ideas on new developments and technologies that help us make a better and more sustainable world.


The conference highlights the latest environmental practices and technologies from industry, consultants, and regulators to address sustainability issues over the lifecycle of Saskatchewan's principal resource sectors, including agriculture, mining, and energy.

SustainTech™ 2023

This year's event will be in person, taking place at the Delta Saskatoon Downtown on March 22-23, 2023. SEIMA will also present a half day GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT) Workshop on March 22nd. The GWSDAT Workshop will begin at 1:00 pm.

GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT) Workshop - sponsored by SRC

This year's workshop will include a ½ day hands on training event demonstrating the use of an open source, user-friendly, software application for the visualization and interpretation of groundwater monitoring data. 


The presentation will be completed by Dr. Luc Rock, PhD, P.Geo.*

* Senior Soil and Groundwater Scientist with Shell Soil and Groundwater Technical Solutions Prior to joining Shell, Dr. Luc Rock worked in academia and a Canadian government research laboratory with a focus on understanding the origin and fate of compounds within the environment. 

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Regulatory Sessions

Session #1 Climate Resilience Branch – Jared Dunitz - Update on Output-Based Performance System and Pricing for Emitters

Session #2 Environmental Protection Branch – Martina Atienza and Jamie Bilash - Status Update on Red Tape Review Process for Impacted Sites Management and Update on Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods 

Session #3 Environmental Assessment and Stewardship Branch – Waste Management Updates: Solid Waste Management Strategy, Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations and other regulatory updates 

Session #4 Environmental Protection Branch – Brent Zelensky – This presentation will expand on the Annual Status Reporting initiative and detail some of the general findings the ministry has identified after two years of the program.


Keynote Speaker


Prof. Margot Hurlbert
Canada Research Chair, Tier 1
Climate Change, Energy, and Sustainability Policy
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Session Title: Climate change risk: preparing for the future

The impacts of climate change (such as drought and flood) are anticipated to worsen, and potentially be magnified by tipping points that include the abrupt thaw of permafrost. These impacts, combined with future climate change, are increasing financial, legal, transition and regulatory risk and changing the Canadian and Saskatchewan policy landscape.  Increasing climate disclosure requirements and climate lawsuits are changing business practices as climate mitigation becomes our biggest adaptation.  However, with proper planning climate risks can become opportunities.  Achieving net zero emissions requires different planning priorities and significant decisions impacting agriculture, energy, and industry.  This presentation will move quickly from climate science to Canadian and Saskatchewan policy to future risk minimization.




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Thank you to our 2023 SustainTech™ Sponsors for helping to support our mission and bring life to our vision as well as assisting us in providing value to our members and stakeholders.

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