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SEIMA is Pleased to Open Registration for SUSTAINTECH 2024

MARCH 20-21, 2024 | Delta Saskatoon Downtown


Welcome to SustainTech 2024, Saskatchewan's foremost environmental conference dedicated to fostering collaboration among industry experts, academia, consultants, and regulators. As the pinnacle event in the province, SustainTech 2024 serves as a dynamic platform for sharing groundbreaking ideas, innovations, and technologies aimed at fostering better and more sustainable practices in Saskatchewan’s principal resource sectors, including agriculture, mining, and oil and gas – as well as managing impacted sites and landfills.  

This year's conference is set to be our most comprehensive yet, spanning two days of immersive engagement. Participants can look forward to a diverse array of activities designed to facilitate knowledge exchange, networking, and skill development. The schedule includes a half-day workshop, 24 technical sessions, two compelling keynote speakers, and a regulatory session presented by the Ministry of Environment. 

In response to the growing demand for specialized insights, SustainTech 2024 introduces four dedicated breakout sessions. These sessions will delve into legal best practices for geoscientists and engineers, explore the complexities of brownfield sites, and showcase innovative remediation and vapor mitigation technologies. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions, case studies, and practical strategies for addressing environmental challenges and ensuring responsible practices. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an academic researcher, a consultant, or a regulatory representative, SustainTech 2024 offers a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of environmental advancements. Join us as we collectively explore and shape the future of sustainability, forging connections that will drive positive change in Saskatchewan and beyond.


There are 3 ticket options:

  • Member SustainTech - $400 (you will have the option to add on the workshop for $125 during the registration process)

  • Non-Member SustainTech - $500 (you will have the option to add on the workshop for $125 during the registration process)

  • Workshop Only - $200 Select this if you are not planning to attend SustainTech

  • If you are a speaker, a promo code for your registration will be supplied.



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